When many families plan to travel, many encounter challenges as to what’s the best place for their children to sleep. Many opt to settle the stress by just booking enough rooms/beds including their little ones only to end up affected by lack of sleep for their children due to the unfamiliarity of the new environment.shop-for-an-affordable-durable-toddler-travel-bed

Children are very sensitive to new environments, no matter how much assurance they may feel from the parents they become intimidated and scared resulting to sleeplessness and irritation. To curb this and have everyone sleep well, it is highly advised that you invest in a travel toddler bed that they are well acquainted to before the onset of the travel.

Sometimes this is an extra expense for the family especially those that do not travel as many times. They wonder why they have to spend more money on the travelling bed while they can simply use the beds at the hotels or simply share their own bed with their toddler.

Investing in a toddler bed requires wisdom and creativity. It should not be done in a rush as this can lead to extravagant spending and uniformed decision.

Selecting an affordable durable toddler travel bed

The greatest advantage for a travel bed is that most of them can be used for other outdoor activities like kids playing at the park or at the beach.

Don’t think of travel as only long distant or flying out think about it as sleep overs, grandparent’s house visits, afternoon naps at your friend’s house. This way you will find more use for your toddler travel bed more than just keeping it aside until your next holiday out of country.

As you shop for one, look out for the one that has good pricing and is durable you surely do not want to buy a travel bed every year. Some of the great affordable and durable examples of toddler travel beds are:

  • Phil & Teds Traveler full size travel crib – It only weighs 7 lbs and measures about 51”x24.8”x31” when open and folds at 24.8”x8.6” square packed in its own carrying case. It costs $199.99 only and can be used from birth to about three years old both indoors and outdoors. It has a self-inflating mattress that provides insulation and padding from the cold and hard ground.
  • Brica Fold and Go Travel Bassinet–It weighs less than 3 lbs together with its mattress and unfolds up to 30.5”L x22”Wx 10”H. It folds at 22” at the widest point x 16” x 2” with its mattress that is 29”x18”. It costs only $39.99 and has a steady frame that holds your infant well enough. It cannot be used for toddlers though.
  • The Shrunks Inflatable Travel Bed- It weighs 6 lbs and looks bulky when deflated which is a bad idea to use it while flying. It is great though for camping and road trips. It costs only $74.99 only and lasts a lifetime, can be used by toddlers and preschoolers like a normal bed even at home. It is a wise decision for transition from a crib to a toddler bed.